The Water War Crimes are the the crimes carried out by political, legal, judicial and business insiders, in Canada, who attempted to swindle control of a bulk water export monopoly over the export of fresh water from Canada to the United States and Mexico, the subsequent viscious personal attack on British Columbia lawyer John Carten by the Governments of Canada and British Columbia because, as a lawyer, he was embarked on a path that would expose their crimes that included a dispicable criminal attack upon Ms. Karen Gibbs and her children because she was assisting Mr. Carten at the time.

From March 1, 2015, this blog will attempt to publish the ongoing posts on the New Developments page at the Water War Crimes web site. We attempted to do that in the past but missed a big chunk of time and hope to be able to keep it regular now that we have some extra time.

The Water War Crimes web site tells the story in great detail and we add updates because the case is unfolding.

The Canadian media will not report the story so we have used the internet to publicize the crimes by the insiders and the corruption in Canada's judicial, legal and political systems.

In the process, we have systematically destroyed many of our enemies but the governments of British Columbia and Canada continue to refuse a fair and equitable settlement and we continue our quest for redress in Canada's crooked court system and so more insiders are compromised and then murdered or mysteriously drop dead.

Twelve crooked judges involved were exposed as crooks and suddenly died. We think some of those judges were murdered. Six Chief Justices who manipulated the system against us were exposed and resigned, one was murdered and the other committed suicide.

Politicians, lawyers and civil servants who abused their positions of power were exposed, resigned or, suddenly, dropped dead. The death toll now stands at over forty and is likely to rise. The list of the sudden deaths linked to the Water War Crimes is published on the web site page entitled the Graveyard of the Guilty.

A remnant of the crooked political, judicial and legal insiders within the Governnments of Canada and British Columbia and some of Canada's most powerful law firms have effectively used their influence to manipulate Canada's judiciary to get the case thrown out without any hearing on its merits.

The insiders are desparate because their careers, their professional reputations and, possibly, their lives are at risk if the truth is told.

This is a huge story that has been suppressed and mis-represented by the Canadian media and it continues to influence Canadian politics to this day.



Sunday, February 14, 2016

Did British Columbia Premier Christy Clark Fire The Top Civil Servant in British Columbia Over Corruption Issues?

A few weeks after Canadian Prime Minister Trudeau fired Canada's top civil servant, British Columbia Premier Christy Clark announced that British Columbia's top civil servant John Dyble (shown in photo on left) would be leaving too.

Mr. Dyble was appointed to the position of "the boss" of the civil service in March 2011 and held the job throughout the tenure of Premier Clark who took over the job of Premier in February 2011.

The official news release media reported that Mr. Dyble had decided to retire but the timing of his leaving and the crimes that have taken place under his leadership leads our editors to believe that Dyble was either fired or quit because he was the target of the criminal investigation that is focussed on the highest levels of government in British Columbia.

Justice Layden-Stevenson 
In was during Dyble's tenure as British Columbia's top civil servant that insiders at the Government of British Columbia and Canada plotted and carried out the murder of Federal Court of Appeal Justice Carolyn Layden Stevenson who was lured into a death trap when she was assigned to the lawsuit filed in Canada's Federal Court by Mr. Carten and Ms. Gibbs and was corruptly influenced to deliver a crooked judgment that was contrary to the Magna Carta.  Investigators report she was later murdered as part of the cover up.  

It was during Dyble's tenure as British Columbia's top civil servant that agents of the Government 
of British Columbia
carried out acts of terrorism against the English family in order to take over and loot their valuable ocean front property located near Tofino on Canada's west coast.

Mr. Dyble may not have been directly responsible for these crimes but as the top civil servant in the BC Government he was responsible for the corporate that led others to think they could carry out these crimes with impunity.
At the height of his career John Dyble was earning a huge salary of over $300,000 per year while other people, human beings who pay some of the highest consumer taxes on the planet, were homeless and sleeping on the streets of Vancouver, Victoria and other cities and towns in British Columbia.
Dan Doyle
The termination of the career of John Dyble follows the previously announced retirement of Dan Doyle who stepped down from his position of Chief of Staff to Premier Clark on December 15, 2015.  Doyle was a key player in the looting of the English family lands because when he was Chairman of BC Hydro employees of BC Hydro trespassed on the English family land, broke open a locked gate and proceed to destroy an access bridge thereby destroying any chance the the English family could pay their bills as they came due and preventing them from obtaining re-financing to repay their mortgage.  Doyle's replacement at BC Hydro Charles Reid suddenly stepped down in May of 2014 when his role in this bit corruption was published on this blog and, of course, the top man at BCIMC Doug Pearce,  had his career destroyed in August and September 2013 when his role in the

Charles Reid 
terrorism against the English family was published on this blog and certain court proceedings this blog was established to support.

These resignations are a clear demonstration of the power of the social media when artfully used in the pursuit of truth and justice is a powerful weapon against enemies in high places.

Mr. English and his family had been completely overpowered and defeated in the court system in British Columbia which, like the court system throughout Canada, is infected by criminal gangs of lawyers and judges many of whom are agents of the criminal gangs operating inside other parts of government administration

Friday, February 5, 2016

Canadian Minister Admits High Level Corruption At Canada's Department of Justice

Trump Calls Canada Dishonest  

Canada's Department of Justice has a well earned reputation for corruption.

Last week, Carolyn Ann Bennett, (shown in photo on left) Canada's Minister of Indigenous and Northern Affairs admitted that lawyers and Alberta Judge Rosemary Nation (shown in photo on right)both employees and agents of Canada's Department of Justice, had cheated over 1,000 victims of some of the most vile crimes in human history that took place in Canadian territory . This is another example of legal trickery that is commonplace in Canada's legal and court system and seems to have no end.

Click here to more on despicable conduct by government lawyers and their handpicked judge. 

The crookedness among Canada's lawyers and judges is becoming so widespread and well known Donald Trump (shown in centre photo) used it at a tactic against his opponent Ted Cruz in his  campaign to become the Republican nominee for the presidential election taking place in the United States this year.

Trump bashing the Canadian-born Senator Cruz said:

"What kind of people do we have running for office?"No, it's honestly really, really dishonest. And I think I know why. You know why? Because he was born in Canada!"

Click here to read more about Trump's comment on Canada    

Of course, not all Canadians are dishonest but the lying, cheating, stealing and murdering that has been carried out by Canadian governments when it comes to water exports has created the impression in the minds of many that Donald Trump is exactly right.

Michael Wirnick
It is possible that Rosemary Nation made her inhumane and depraved  ruling  because she was threatened with blackmail or murder by the same criminal gang operating inside Canada's court system that murdered many of the judges and other witnesses identified on this web site.

Click here to visit the Graveyard of the Guilty

Nonetheless, the conduct of Rosemary Nation and the senior lawyers in Canada's Department of Justice is consistent with the secret agenda of genocide that has been waged against the native peoples of Canada since the country was established in 1867 by an Act of the British Parliament.

Throughout Canada there are mass graves of native people who were exterminated by government policies not very different from the Government policies of England that were used to exterminate native populations throughout the whole of the what was once called the British Empire which merrily murdered the natives of Scotland, Ireland, Canada, the United States, too many nations in Africa to list, India, Pakistan, Australia, New Zealand, China, and pretty well everywhere on planet earth where the British Empire established itself and its legal and justice system which was often the tool. Under the guise and ruse of justice, native property was stolen, natives were expelled from their lands and all kinds of murder and extermination was carried out and continues to be carried out, to this very day, artfully hidden by crooked judges and lawyers gowned in silk and by civil servants who devise and implement economic, educational and health policies intended inflict maximum economic deprivation and early death on a massive scale.

Some apologists will argue that these policies were mistakes but when policies of this nature are carried out decade after decade, century after century, in nation after nation then one can only conclude that they are cleverly designed to do exactly what they have done and what they continue to do and no amount of platitudinous apologizing can disguise that fact and cover up the truth once that truth emerges in all its crystal clarity as it is doing now that the mainstream media is collapsing and people around the world are sharing the truth over the internet and in the social media.

If Carolyn Bennett, the present Minister of Indigenous and Northern Affairs, is serious about investigating who was ultimately responsible for the genocidal judicial decision of Justice Rosemary Nation she needs look no further than the end of the cabinet table because sitting right there is the new Clerk of the Privy Council, Michael Wirnick, who was the Deputy Minister of Aboriginal Affairs and Northern Development from 2006 to 2014, and who was, therefore, the man responsible for the despicable decision of Justice Rosemary Nation either directly by ordering the judge to make her decision or  indirectly by setting the corporate culture that encouraged and allowed staff lawyers to seek the diabolical court ruling that was made by a judge who was obviously hand picked for the job.

According to his online biography, Mr. Wernick assisted four Ministers in advancing the Government’s Aboriginal and Northern agendas.

Highlights include the passage of 23 pieces of legislation, as well as parts of five Budget Implementation Acts; the approval and ongoing implementation of the Indian Residential Schools settlement; conclusion of several modern treaties and new self-government arrangements; creation of the Specific Claims Tribunal; rapid expansion of the First Nations Land Management Act; deep structural reforms to child and family services, income assistance, and water/wastewater; extending human rights protections and matrimonial property protection to reserves; and an initiative to reform on-reserve education.

Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Trudeau Fires Canada's Top Civil Servant During World Economic Conference and Amid Allegations of High Level Cover Up Of Murders Of Judges and Lawyers In Canada


The Clerk of the Privy (secret) Council, the secret council that rules Canada, is Canada's top civil servant.

He or she knows all the secrets of the secretive Privy Council that governs Canada. 

Due to his or her position, the Clerk of the Privy Council occupies a very important position especially during the transition period when a new government takes over.

Click here to learn more about the Privy Council of Canada

For this reason, the Ottawa Citizen and other media outlets expressed surprise that Janice Charette (shown in photo on left), who was appointed to the position in 2014 by Stephen Harper, was suddenly replaced during the World Economic Forum being held in Switzerland while Trudeau was in attendance.

According to the Ottawa Citizen it was "an unusual move", 
"her abrupt departure was unexpected"  and "the sudden announcement of Charette’s departure and Wernick’s promotion caused much chatter in public service circles"

The replacement Clerk is Michael Wirnick (shown in photo on right) who 
will fill three roles: deputy minister to the prime minister, secretary to the cabinet and head of the federal public service.

Since joining the federal public service in 1981, Mr. Wernick has worked at the Social Policy Division of the Department of Finance, Consumer and Corporate Affairs Canada, the Economic and Regional Development Policy Secretariat of the Privy Council Office, and the Constitutional Affairs Secretariat of the Federal-Provincial Relations Office. From 1996 to 2003 he served as Assistant Deputy Minister and then as Associate Deputy Minister at the Department of Canadian Heritage.

From 2003 to 2006, Wirnick served three Prime Ministers, Chretien, Martin and Harper, as Deputy Secretary to the Cabinet at the Privy Council Office and was probably present in Kelowna when Paul Martin ran out the back door of his cabinet meeting when he learned that Mr. Carten amd Ms. Gibbs were waiting for him at the front door.

Click here to read more about Paul Martin and the Water War Crimes

Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Site C Dam and other Water Projects To Keep Canada Afloat As Oil Prices Sink


Keystone has been cancelled, the price of oil has crashed, there are massive layoffs in Canada's oil industry and, as a consequence, the Canadian dollar has plummeted to 70 cents.

Sounds bad, eh?

But, think again.

Canada is moving forward on four massive water based energy and export projects that represent a total investment of $28 Billion in construction costs alone.

In a recent study of Canada's 100 top investment projects the top four projects are water / energy projects starting with the Site C Dam, soon to be called Dam Christy Clark or Christy Clark Dam (depending on your political allegiances) in British Columbia at $8.8 billion, (shown in photo on left) Muskrat Falls in Newfoundland and Labrador at $6.99 billion, (shown in photo 2nd from the left) to the Romaine Complex in Quebec at $6.5 billion, (shown in photo 3rd from the left) and the Keeyask Project in Manitoba at $6.5 billion (shown in photo on the right).

Each of these projects will deliver clean "water generated energy" for many decades to come with minimal harm to the environment of our planet.

Click here to learn more about Canada's top Investment Projects 

By contrast, the much maligned Keystone Oil Project was projected to cost a mere $5.2 billion to complete and would have added greatly to the environmental destruction in Alberta, put at risk huge areas of land in the United States and contributed to global warming with the burning of fossil fuel.

The Site C Dam is uniquely positioned as a key reservoir in the soon to be developed North American Water and Power Alliance ( NAWAPA) which will divert clean fresh water from the Yukon  British Columbia and Alaska through the Rocky Mountains to the southwestern United States and Mexico.

So, eventually, Site C, in addition to annual generating revenues from energy sales, will also be generating annual revenues from the sale of fresh water to the United States and Mexico.

All of this will, in the long term keep Canada afloat as Americans and Mexicans pour dollars and pesos into Canada to pay for the water diverted for their use and for the water generated electricity shipped south by transmission lines.

In turn, Americans and Mexicans will ship goods, especially the fresh fruit and vegetables, north to Canada which cannot grow many fruits and vegetables due to its hostile climate  feed itself and some of those fruits and vegetable will be grown using clean Canadian water.  At the same time, Canadians will be able to take winter vacations in warm southerly climates and play in pools and on golf courses kept operable by huge supplies of fresh Canadian water - a renewable resource that will, if properly managed, will keep Canada from for centuries to come. 

It would be a mistake to think that these water based construction projects represent a loss to Alberta`s Oil Patch because the fact is that Alberta based companies have, so far, been awarded the two largest contracts connected with the Site C Dam.

In October 2015, it was announced that Alberta based Atco Ltd was awarded a $470 million contract to construction build worker accommodation at the Site C Dam

Click here to read more about the $470 million Atco Ltd contract

In December 2015, it was announced that a consortium led by Alberta based Petrowest
Corp., along with its partners, Acciona Infrastructure Canada Inc. and Samsung C&T Canada Ltd., had been awarded the $1.75 billion construction contract at the Site C Dam.
Click here to read more about the $1.75 billion Petrowest contract.

Saturday, December 26, 2015

Justin Trudeau: A Flash Visit to Vancouver and More Revelations About His Father, Pierre Trudeau

Will Justin Trudeau Come Clean and Tell Canadians How his father was blackmailed and why his brother disappeared?  

On December 17, 2015, Canada's newly elected Prime Minister Justin Trudeau (shown in photo on left) paid a flash visit to Vancouver's City Hall for a private meeting with Vancouver Mayor Gregor Robertson.

It was the first visit by a Canadian Prime Minister to Vancouver City Hall since 1973 

Click here to read more about the Trudeau visit to Vancouver

The following week, the international respected journalist Benjamin Fulford, (shown in centre photo) revealed to Canadians and the world that Trudeau's father, Pierre, (show in photo on right) in had been blackmailed into making fundamental changes to Canada's monetary system that indebted Canada to international bankers, in London and New York, who are responsible for much of the mischief and murder that has taken place in the world over this past 100 years.

"... during a visit to Canada last week a member of Canada’s Security Intelligence Service contacted this writer (Fulford) with information about his father Pierre Trudeau. According to this CSIS source, Pierre Trudeau was blackmailed with pedophile charges into ending the use of government owned Bank of Canada money to finance government operations without taxes or debt. Instead, he forced Canada into Babylonian style debt slavery to Khazarian mafia banks. Pedophilia allegations aside, it is a known fact that it was Trudeau who ended the use of Bank of Canada free money to finance the government.

Click here to read full Benjamin Fulford Story

This report by Benjamin Fulford corroborates the earlier reports by US author Cathy O'Brien in her book, Trance Formation of America  where she implicated Canadian Prime Ministers Pierre Trudeau and Brian Mulroney as pedofiles.

According to Canadian blogger Henry Makow:

"Over the years, insiders have told me that Pierre's 1968 marriage to Margaret was "arranged" by the military. The couple programmed with LSD at a remote farm in British Columbia.

According to Trudeau's Jesuit mentor, Trudeau ordered the kidnap and murder of his enemy Pierre Laporte in October 1970, because Laporte was threatening him with blackmail and exposure as a pedophile

Click here to read more of Henry Makow's opinions about Pierre Trudeau

The Editors
have also personally corroborated these reports about Pierre Trudeau with former Canadian military officers who claim they were aware of these activities from intelligence officers who kept Trudeau under surveillance.

The Editors received similar advice from long time British Columbia resident Jack English who claims he personally met a retired senior RCMP officer who advised that in 1969, shortly after he took over as Prime Minister of Canada, several of Trudeau's cabinet ministers met with senior military officers, senior RCMP officers and senior civil servants and plotted a coup d'├ętat against Trudeau because of his pedofiliac ways when he represented Canada overseas. 

For reasons that are not clear, the plan did not proceed and Trudeau remained as Prime Minister to 1983 although, over the years, a lot of the top level people who were elected with him suddenly resigned such as Paul Hellyer, Eric Kierans, and John Turner, although Mr. Turner hung in for a number of years before finally quitting in 1975.

Click here to learn how Jack English was destroyed by the British Columbia Government.  

The emerging information about blackmail having been used against Pierre Trudeau supports the theory that the disappearance of Michel Trudeau, on Friday November 13, 1998, was either a planned assassination or a planned fake death.

Click here to read more about Pierre Trudeau and the strange disappearance of his son Michel  

Climate Change + First Nations + Canada = Trudeau Meets The Chiefs

Title To Water, Canada's First Nations and Blue Gold

Immediately after his high level meeting in Paris to discuss solutions to the climate issues facing the world and North America, Justin Trudeau (shown in photo on left) met a special assembly of the Chiefs of Canada's First Nations to secure necessary allies in the next stages of his climate change, water export, economic and monetary (water will be the new oil) strategy.

It is important for readers to understand that, under Native Law, no one owns water, water is a gift from the creator and, under the Common Law of England that Canada inherited due to its former temporary position as a colony of England, there are only riparian rights to water, which are not ownership of water, but which are rights recognized to be held by a land owner giving him the right to draw water from a lake river or aquifer adjacent to or under his land.

Under Statute Law made by Canada's provinces, the provincial governments confiscated ownership of all water in the various provinces.

The difficulty is that the provinces had no jurisdiction to take away or diminish Native Rights to water without entering a treaty with the local Native Bands Tribes or Nations. 

Therefore, the First Nations of Canada, as they call themselves, must be on side with respect to any policy that seeks to use water on a massive scale either as a commodity or as a generator of clean energy.  

However, the fact is that water is worthless unless there is a market for it and, in Canada, there is so much water and such a relatively small population that the market is saturated and virtually all of Canada's fresh water flows freely into the ocean without being harvested, (Prince Charlie's phrase) or otherwise bought, purchased or sold.

The market for Canadian water is in the United States and Mexico,

And, when some of that water is diverted through the construction of massive public works projects and flows down hill, from the highlands of Canada to both the United States and Mexico, it will be periodically gathered in reservoirs where is will generate kinetic energy of massive proportions that will be released as it rushes through turbines generating electricity, also known as clean energy, on a massive scale that will give a huge impetus to the North American economy.

"This proposal will launch the greatest development of North America in history; it will double irrigated agricultural farmland, provide ample hydroelectric power, mitigate or eliminate the risk of floods and droughts, balance the continent's water distribution, and create 7 million highly skilled and highly productive jobs"

Click here to read more about NAWAPA

The oil and natural gas industries that, according to the mass media, are responsible for the climate change that is taking place have historically opposed the development of energy by harnessing the power of water.  This position has also delayed the development of a delivery system to supply fresh water to the south west United States and Mexico.

In order to finance the construction of the clean energy / water projects adjustments will be made in the monetary system to recognize that Canada currency is backed by water in addition to oil and its other resources.

As water flows south, money will flow north which will then flow south again as Canadian purchase goods and services from their neighbours in the United States and Mexico whose industries and communities will be given new life and energy on a massive scale.

In this way the whole of North America will benefit from the planned projects and, when North American prospersthe world prospers.

Insiders report that the Russian Government is watching the negotiations between Canada and the United States and Mexico as a model on which to base their plans to supply water to the middle east which, in part, explains the heavy Russian presence in that area and which will be used by the Russians to pacify the nations to their south while enriching themselves.

According to Russian President Vladimir Putin:

“Russia’s place on the world water market is taking shape. We have a quarter of the world’s freshwater reserves, and will use our competitive advantage to the full.”

Click here to read more about Russia's water export plans

There are also reports that the Chinese government is co-operating with the Russians on a massive water export plan from central Asia to the Middle East.

Chinese and Russian officials are considering the possibility of diverting water from Lake Baikal in Siberia through Mongolia to China's Inner Mongolia Region. According to an unnamed official from China's Ministry of Water Resources, Russian officials contacted them in May about such a project Click here to read more about the China / Russia plans to supply the Middle East with water     

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has the opportunity to lead Canada into the future and to go down in history as the man who created the world wide water industry that will bring huge benefits to all of humanity and assist to remedy the damage done to the planet by reliance upon carbon based energy systems.  

Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Climate Conference + Canada = Clean Energy + Water for Mexico and the United States

The Big Picture

The line up of political leaders meeting in Paris at the 2015 Climate Conference makes it plainly evident that one of the issues being discussed and acted on is the plan to export vast amounts of fresh water from Canada to the United States and Mexico.

In addition to President Obama, the United States was represented by Jerry Brown, the Governor of California, a state that is desperately short of fresh water.

The Canadian group, led by newly elected Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, included Christy Clark, the Premier of water rich British Columbia that has already committed itself to the construction of the massive Site C Dam (shown in photo on right) in north eastern British Columbia that will create a pivotal fresh water reservoir as part of the North American Water and Power Alliance (NAWAPA)  that will deliver fresh water to California, other American states and parts of Mexico.

The Canadian group also included the Ontario Premier Kathleen Wynne and Quebec Premier Philippe Couillard.

Quebec and Ontario have massive water resources that are ready to be exploited by the construction of the Great Recycling and Northern Development Canal project that will also deliver fresh water to the United States and Mexico.

Both projects will require massive long term financing and a long term commitment from both the Canadian and American governments.

Both projects were stopped in the past by vigorous opposition from various environmental groups and the modern proponents of the projects have wisely chosen to move the projects forward under the protection of the Climate Change Agenda. 

Also present in Paris for the Climate Conference were Prince Charles who has touted the wisdom of "water harvesting" in his past visits to Canada and Pope Francis who symbolically canonized Father Juniper Serra earlier this year thereby celebrating he legacy of the man who built the first aquaduct in California in the 1700's.

Saturday, December 5, 2015

Climate Change, Friday (November) the 13th, Symbols, Trudeau and the New World Order

Murder In Paris and the Sudden Deaths of Michel Trudeau and Maurice  Strong 

Immediately after the explosions rocked Paris, many commentators explained   that the decision to bomb Paris on Friday the 13th was as deliberate choice of symbolism to link the bombing to the Knights Templar and their modern successor the Freemasons.

Other commentators also reported that the suspicious timing of the event also permitted French authorities to put all of France, especially Paris, on a security clamp down during what appears to be a major international conference concerning so-called climate change.

What the commentators have failed to point out is that the symbolic, Friday the 13th of November, killings in France coincided with the mysterious disappearance and presumed death of Michel Trudeau, the brother or Canada's new Prime Minister, Justin Trudeau, who was allegedly killed on Friday the 13th of November, in 1998.

There is reason to believe the disappearance and presumed killing of Michel Trudeau was a staged event either to permit Michel to escape drug related criminal charges that he was facing in British Columbia or to send a message to his father, Pierre Trudeau by the deliberate murder of his son, that he, Pierre Trudeau, should keep his mouth shut about certain events or his other sons might face a similar fate. 

Click here to raed more about why Michel Trudeau may have been murdered on Friday the 13th 1998 

In addition, on the eve of the climate conference in Paris, it was announced the Canada's most prominent advocate of radical climate control action, Maurice Strong, had suddenly died from causes unknown.

Was Maurice Strong murdered?

Certainly, Maurice Strong had some supporters in the environmental movement but he also had his share of enemies and Maurice Strong was not a saint. In fact, some people regarded him as one of the most dangerous men on the planet.

Click here to read more about the dark side of Maurice Strong 

It is also no secret that Maurice Strong was a keen investor in water projects and very close to a number of key players in the aborted attempt by Canadian insiders to seize control of the water export monopoly at the expense of their fellow citizens.

Click here to learn more about Maurice Strong, water and American Water Development Inc.

It is a curious but undisputed fact, that Maurice Strong, arguably the father of the climate control movement suddenly died in a shroud of mystery on the eve of a conference where he would have been celebrated.

It is also a curious but undisputed fact that there has been a surprising of number of suspicious deaths of persons connected to the Water War Crimes and, if Maurice Strong was involved in the Water War Crimes, his sudden  death, by unidentified higher powers, would come and did come as no surprise and, for this reason, the Editors have decided to inter Maurice Strong in the Graveyard of the Guilty.  

And, the question remains unanswered, "Was Maurice Strong murdered?"

Click here to visit the Graveyard of the Guilty there are over 40 of those guilty of Water War Crimes who lie buried in the dirt.

The Edtors believe that some of the persons interred in the Graveyard of the Guilty were murdered. Readers are encouraged to use their own discernment when reading the information presented.

Editors Notice:  We may soon be shutting down this web site and certainly expect to make fewer posts for a while, at least. Readers are reminded to drink plenty of fresh clean water, stay hydrated = stay healthy. 

Our personal experience is that distilled water is the best water you can possibly use.  If you do the scientific research, you will come to the same conclusion.     

Wednesday, November 11, 2015

US President Obama Cancels Keystone Oil Pipeline and Canadian Prime Minister Trudeau Takes Down Portrait of Queen Elizabeth

Water, Oil and a Painting

The cancellation of the Keystone Pipeline Project, on November 6, 2015, by the US Government only 2 days after Justin Trudeau was sworn in as Canada's new temporary Prime Minister is being loudly cheered by those both inside and outside Canada who wish to preserve Canada's clean and abundant fresh water supplies.

US President Obama has made it perfectly clear that the United States is not interested in dirty oil from Canada's tar sands which is highly explosive and highly toxic due to the chemicals used in the process to extract the oil from the sand in which it is deposited.

Click here to read more about the Keystone cancellation

In addition, the process used to extract oil from the tar sands pollutes and destroys vast amounts of clean fresh water that would be far better utilized in the American south west and northern Mexico.

The United States and Mexico have a real stake in insuring that Canada keeps its water supplies fresh and clean because in the decades to come vast amounts of Canadian fresh water are going to be sent south through a continent wide  system of canals, aquaducts, river diversions and pipelines.

On November 9, 2015, the Monday after the Friday announcement by President Obama, Canada's Department of Foreign Affairs announced that the portrait of Queen Elizabeth II would be removed from the wall in the lobby at the Foreign Affairs Headquarters in Ottawa would be removed from the wall at and replaced by two Canadian coastal landscape paintings that once occupied the same spot.

Click here to read more about removal of Queen's portrait. 

The former Conservative Party Minister of Foreign Affairs John Baird had celebrated the installation of the portrait of Queen Elizabeth II as a symbol of the alleged close ties between Canada and Britain.

The newly installed Liberal Party Foreign Affairs Minister Stephan Dion removed the portrait as a symbolic gesture to let the world and, especially, the United States Government know that Canada was under a new government that was no longer taking orders from Queen Elizabeth and her crowd who  were part of the Water War Crimes carried out against the people of Canada, United States and Mexico.

Click here to read more about Queen Elizabeth and the Water War Crimes

Monday, November 2, 2015

Canadian Water Export Program Enters New Dimension as Canada Changes Prime Ministers

The Puppet Show Continues

Like many an American President before him, US President Barack Obama has his eye on Canada's clean fresh water.

So, the very next day after Justin Trudeau was declared temporary Prime Minister of Canada, the temporary President of the United States, Barack Obama, placed a telephone call to the new Canadian Prime Minister just to remind him that Canada had a very large, powerful and friendly neighbour and that his nation expected that its neighbour, Canada, would carry out the promises his father, Pierre Trudeau, made to the United States about fresh water. And, of course, Justin Trudeau would not do anything to dishonour his father, so Canadians and Americans can expect that the work of Prime Minister Harper and US President Obama will be continued by Canada's new temporary Prime Minister Justin Trudeau.

The historical record shows that American official interest in Canadian water was developed certainly as early as the 1950's when the US Army Corps of Engineers first proposed a continental water management scheme known as the North American Water and Power Alliance (NAWPA or NAWAPA, also referred to as NAWAPTA from the proposed governing body the North American Water and Power Treaty Authority).

The planners envisioned diverting water from some rivers in Alaska south through Canada via the Rocky Mountain Trench and other routes to the US and would have involve 369 separate construction projects. The water would enter the US in northern Montana. There it would be diverted to the headwaters of rivers such as the Colorado River and the Yellowstone River.

Click here to read more about the NAWAPA

The project was quietly supported by Canadian Prime Minister Pierre Trudeau, the father of Justin Trudeau, who persuaded Queen Elizabeth and the English parliament to hand over final legislative approval to Canada in 1982 and who then set up the MacDonald Commission Report that recommended Free Trade Agreement with the United States that the Americans were happy to sign knowing fresh water was part of the bargain and that water would soon be flowing south.

The water part of the Free Trade Agreement deal went side ways in the late 1980'sand early 1990's when a Vancouver based company with numerous political and organized crime connections manipulated the political process in in Canada both federally and provincially, i.e. British Columbia, and in the  process of cutting out their competitors ended up with a completely illegal fresh water export monopoly. 

Our sources report that former Canadian Prime Minister Jean Chretien got involved in that deal in Vancouver when he was briefly a private sector lawyer in Ottawa after Brian Mulroney took over from Pierre Trudeau as Canada's temporary Prime Minister.  For a number of reasons, Prime Minister Chretien was unable to put the water export deal back together and it was Prime Minister Harper who restarted the process by inviting California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger to Ottawa in 2007 for private meetings after which Arnold and British Columbia Premier Gordon Campbell worked collaborated to put together several cross-border agreements involving British Columbia and several western states that set up a legal framework for the NAWAPA.  Actual construction in British Columbia began in the July 2015 when British Columbia Hydro broke ground on the Site C Dam project that is part of the original NAWAPA plan  

Prime Minister Harper and President Obama, along with their colleagues in Mexico, have been quietly working on the water export project that is critical to the long term survival of the North American economy as one of the most prosperous regions on earth.

Saturday, June 6, 2015

Justice Elizabeth Bennett, Judicial Case Rigging in British Columbia and the Water War Crimes



Justice John Bouck
Elizabeth Bennett
In the Editors opinion, Elizabeth Bennett (shown in photo on right) is a crooked judge.

In the late 1990's prominent British Columbia Justice John Bouck (shown in photo on left) wrote a series of articles that were published in the local newspaper describing how the courts were organized, like a hockey team, with Team A and Team B, and how certain judges were selected by the Chief Justice for certain cases.

Basically, Justice John Bouck was telling the public that the court system was crooked and the Chief Justice was behind the crookedness by rigging cases through the use of judges he could rely on to render the verdict he wanted.

Elizabeth Bennett is one of those judges. 

Elizabeth Bennett first came to public attention in 2001 when she was assigned to fix the outcome of the case against former Premier Glen Clark who had been removed from office by Canadian Prime Minister Jean Chretien and his gang who arranging for the RCMP to lay a bogus criminal charge against the Premier and they needed a Jean Chretien appointed judge who could be relied on to manage the trial. Otherwise, the truth might come out and Jean Chretien or, at least his pals who set up Clark, would go to jail instead of Premier Clark.

The Chief Justice, at that time, was Donald Brennerwho was deeply connected to Jean Chretien and his gang and who was also part of the a judicial criminal gang  that made an illegal ruling that was contrived to put Mr. Carten in jail for 40 days in 1998.    

Justice Bennett performed her role well. The trial was managed.  Glen Clark's political career was ruined and the truth about Prime Minister Chretien and his pals was never revealed.

The public in British Columbia owe a great debt to Justice Bouck.  He stood up for the integrity of the justice system and told the truth about how the justice system is manipulated like a puppet show from behind the scenes and he didn't just complain but actually made a very sensible suggestion for reform.

Justice Bouck recommended that the Supreme Court Act be amended and that the Chief Justice be elected by his brother judges for a term of 5 years. The recommendation has been adopted by the Canadian Committee for Constitutional Courts. 

Elizabeth Bennett, Chief Justice Robert Bauman and the Irish Curse

When Mr. Carten appeared before Justice Bennett (shown in photo on left) at the Court of Appeal for British Columbia in April 2015, he asked her to withdraw from the case because she was closely connected to his political enemies that corrupted the court process against himself and his clients, especially Sun Belt Water Inc.

Justice Bennett refused to withdraw and made an order that effectively cut off all of Mr. Carten's retirement income for the rest of his life contrary to the law. She did it. She knew that she was breaking her judicial oath but she did it anyway.  Basically, she signed her death warrant.

About one month later, Mr. Carten appeared in the Court of Appeal to assist John English and his family who  are the victims of a violent criminal conspiracy carried civil servants with the Government of British Columbia.

Click here to read about the looting of the English family property by the Government of British Columbia

Chief Justice Robert Bauman

 Elizabeth Bennett was on the panel of three judges assigned to hear the case and she wasn't looking well.

She looked as if she had aged 10 years in the four weeks since her crooked judgment against Mr. Carten. This is how the physiology of a criminal judge responds especially when they are caught red handed.

The appointment of Elizabeth Bennett to the case involving the English family strongly suggests the case is being rigged by Chief Justice Bauman (shown in photo on right) who is taking orders from someone inside the Government of British Columbia or Canada.
If the reader looks closely at the face of Justice Robert Bauman one can see the blotches that are characteristic of the curse that afflicted the judges of ancient Ireland when they made false judgments.

This is the same disease that afflicted Canadian politician Jim Flaherty and contributed to his early death.  An early grave awaits a crooked judge so readers should keep their eyes on both Justice Elizabeth Bennett and Chief Justice Robert Bauman.