The Water War Crimes are the the crimes carried out by political, legal, judicial and business insiders, in Canada, who attempted to swindle control of a bulk water export monopoly over the export of fresh water from Canada to the United States and Mexico, the subsequent viscious personal attack on the British Columbia lawyer who blew the whistle by the Governments of Canada and British Columbia because he was embarked on a course that would expose these crimes and the criminals to the light of day, and the dispicable attack upon the lady who was seen to be assisting him.

This blog is dedicated to the continuing fight for justice by "the lawyer and the lady" who turned the tables on their enemies, launched an unprecedented lawsuit in Canada's Federal Court and took the case all the way to the Supreme Court of Canada where Canada's Chief Justice, a woman named Beverley McLachlin who is a Defendant in the lawsuit and facing jail time for obstruction of justice, was protected by three of her colleagues who refused to allow the case to be heard.

The Canadian media would not report the story so they used the internet to publicize the crimes by the insiders and the corruption in Canada's judicial, legal and political systems. In the process, they have systematically destroyed their enemies in their fight for justice.

Eleven crooked judges who found against them were exposed and suddenly died. Four Chief Justices who manipulated the system against them were exposed and resigned. Politicians, lawyers and civil servants who abused their positions of power were exposed, resigned or, suddenly, dropped dead. The death toll now stands at over forty and is likely to rise before their fight for justice is over.

A remnant of the crooked political, judicial and legal insiders within the Governnments of Canada and British Columbia and some of Canada's most powerful law firms effectively used their influence to manipulation Canada's judiciary to get the case thrown out without any hearing on its merits.

The insiders are desparate because their careers, their professional reputations and, possibly, their lives are at risk if the truth is told.

"I am not concerned that you have fallen. I am concerned that you arise", Abraham Lincoln.

This is a huge story that has been suppressed and mis-represented by the Canadian media and it continues to influence Canadian politics to this day.



Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Surprise resignation of Canadian Finance Minister linked to Murder of Canadian Justice Layden-Stevenson and Department of Justice lawyer Eric Noel

The Curse of the Irish forces Jim Flaherty to resign!!  

Canadians were stunned yesterday to learn that their long serving finance minister had suddenly quit his job and resigned from Prime Minister Harper's cabinet where he had served as finance minister since the Prime Minister took office in 2006.

In a strangely symbolic gesture, Finance Minister Jim Flaherty, who always sports a green tie as a symbol of his Irish heritage, tendered his resignation to Prime Minister Harper on St. Patrick's day, March 17, although official announcement was delayed until the 18th. 

Also reflecting his Irish heritage, Canadian finance Minister Flaherty developed a rare skin disease exactly similar to the disease inflicted upon ancient Irish jurists who engaged in false judgments only a few months after Canadian, also of Irish  heritage, Justice Carolyn Layden Stevenson was murdered as part of a government led cover up of the Water War Crimes.  Two weeks after her death, Department of Justice lawyer Eric Noel allegedly committed suicide although some say that he too was murdered for his role in the strategy of deceit carried out the Department of Justice

Click here to read more about the Flaherty - Layden Stevenson connection

Click here to read more about the murder of Justice Layden Stevenson
The blood of Carolyn Layden-Stevenson and Department of justice lawyer Eric Noel now weighs heavily on the remnant of the Harper cabinet who were and are collectively guilty for the murders although, to be fair, Prime Minister Harper is not a lawyer and he would necessarily rely on the lawyers in his cabinet for proper advice and guidance. Instead, the advice he got was bad.  The strategy employed by his lawyers was illegal and contrary to fundamental principles, the lawyers used a relatively innocent judge to carry out their devilish strategy and then they murdered her to cover the trail of evidence that led back to them.

It was bad medicine, as the Natives say, and so Finance Minister Flaherty knew that his time had come and he had to leave.

Sunday, March 16, 2014

British Columbia Announces Changes to Water Export Policy In Text of New Water Sustainability Act.


British Columbia Premier Christy Clark (shown in photo on left) and her environment Minister Mary Pollack (shown in photo on right) announced last week that a new Water Sustainability Act is being introduced in the British Columbia legislature to replace the 100 year old Water Act.

What was not revealed in the announcement or the press releases that accompanied the announcement is that the Water Sustainability Act makes important changes to the Water Protection Act, that was introduced in 1996 by the notorious Premier Glen Clark, a rabid anti-American left wing ideologue, who prohibited water exports to both the United States and Mexico as part of carefully orchestrated campaign to undermine the American economy. Glen Clark is widely believed to have been a stooge for the international communist forces allied against America.   

Legal researchers advise that these changes will allow water to be "extracted" from a stream or river for the purposes of export from British Columbia.

For example, section 4 (1) (a) of the Water Protection Act, before the amendment, reads as follows:   

Except for a registered licence, no licence, approval or permit under the Water Act, whether issued before, on or after the date this section comes into force, confers any right
(a) to drill for, divert, extract, use or store water for removal from British Columbia. 
However, section 202 (b) of the Water Sustainability Act will remove the word "extract" from section 4 (1) (a) of the Water Protection Act thereby removing the prohibition and consequentially allowing licence holders to "extract" water from rivers and streams for the purpose of export from British Columbia. 

Click here to read proposed Water Sustainability Act

Other changes to the Water Protection Act to be amended by the Water Sustainability Act will further enhance the capacity of licence holders to export fresh water such as the the change in the definition of "a large scale project" by deleting the words "or extract" from the definition.  

These changes are in keeping with the continuing program of treaty agreements between Canada, Mexico and the United States followed by changes to national, state and provincial laws creating an overall legal framework that will allow for the orderly development of a huge water export industry delivering massive quantities of fresh water from Alaska and Canada to the southwest United States and northern Mexico

These changes are viewed as a follow up by  Premier Christy Clark on promises she made to key leaders in California during her recent visit to that state. 

Monday, March 10, 2014

Did a Crooked Canadian Judge Break His Oath of Office to Sabotage Water War Crimes lawyer John Carten?

Photo of John Lenaghan needed
The story of British Columbia / Canadian corruption appears to be getting dirtier and dirtier with the recent corrupt decision of British Columbia Provincial Court Judge John Lenaghan (photo needed) that may be related to deep corruption at British Columbia Investment Corporation (BCIMC) that company that manages all of the civil servant pensions in British Columbia, Canada, and that benefitted from the campaign of domestic terrorism and criminal activity that targeted Jack English and his family resort near Tofino, British Columbia. 
Click here to read more about the terrorist tactics used to acquire the English Property
One of persons guiding Jack English in his efforts to recover his property looted by BCIMC subsidiary Parksbridge Community Lifestyles Ltd has been former British Columbia lawyer, John Carten, who has achieved a measure of international notoriety for his work at the Water War  Crimes web site that has exposed deep Canadian and BC Government corruption in relation to fresh water exports
Jack English had recently reported BCIMC to Canada Defense Minister, Rob Nicholson, and his Deputy Minister Richard Fadden because he believed BCIMC was behind the campaign of domestic terrorism carried out against his family business Pacific Rim Resort using fire attacks on their home and business and multiple other acts of vandalismLike the cowards that they are, neither Nicholson nor Fadden have responded. 

Did the BC Government terrorize the English family? 

So, when Mr. Carten was before Judge Lenaghan on November 5, 2013, Lenaghan did everything in his power to destroy Mr. Carten. by attempting to deprive him of 100% of his regular income. Lenaghan's judgement was perverse and demonstrates how some of Canada's politically appointed judges make up false interpretations of the law to protect government criminals and to silence legitimate critics of the state.  

Investigations into Lenaghan's background show that not only did he protect the criminal gang linked to BCIMC but he also appears to be doing favours for other criminal gangs involved in cross border cocaine trafficking. 

This guy is in deep trouble.

Unfortunately for John Lenaghan, when made a dirty professionally corrupt judgment against Mr. Carten on November 5, 2013 he made a big mistake because Carten did his homework, investigated Lenaghan, and found that Lenaghan has dirty history that of helping  major criminals in British Columbia with links to organized crime.  Eleven other judges who made dirty rulings in their crooked attempt to destroy Carten are now dead and we suspect they were murdered by BC Government insiders who may soon murder Lenaghan in order to silence him.

Click here to read about Murdered Judges in Canada

We think Lenaghan, like some other judges at the British Columbia Provincial Court, is an agent of organized crime operating inside Canada's courts.
This is serious stuff and Carten has now found that Lenaghan has a dirty history (in our opinion dirty) of dismissing a criminal charge against former ex-police officer Rapinder Sidhu (RCMP) (shown in photo on right) who turned criminal and became involved in cross border cocaine trafficking.

Click here to read about Lenaghan dismissing case against Sidhu

Lenaghan thought his past would not catch up to him and blithely made a false judgment about Carten after taking a short break and, in our opinion, taking instructions over the telephone.  When Carten challenged Lenaghan and asked " Did you phone anyone for instructions" Lenaghan refused to answer the question.

It is a commonly knowledge in British Columbia that judges frequently take a brief adjournment and make a phone call to get instructions on a case. This is especially true of Provincial Court judges who have a well earned reputation for corruption.  

Carten has now reported the incident to the RCMP who were delighted to receive the information because it gives them an opportunity to take a closer look at Lenaghan after they lost their case against Sidhu who they really wanted to put behind bars.

Fortunately, the American authorities caught up with Sidhu after Lenaghan let him go free and, in January 2014, put him in jail for 8 years for his role in a massive cross border cocaine deal.   

Click here to read about US Court sentencing Rapinder Sidhu

Lenaghan, who is Irish born and connected to the corrupt former Deputy Attorney General Maureen Maloney, also Irish born, and the corrupt, Irish born, Adrian Dix, the former Chief of Staff to the BC Premier who was caught falsifying documents to thwart a police investigation of his Premier, Glen Clark, may be in deep trouble back in his homeland of Ireland because the IRA has been eliminating drug dealers making Belfast the most drug free city in Europe and they may not take kindly to a judge who lets drug dealers go free and assists the Hell's Angels, a gang that the IRA will not permit to operate in Ireland because of their reputation for drug dealing.

Recently, another, Irish born, British Columbia insider, John Furlong, who managed the 2010 Vancouver Olympics went home to Ireland and, suddenly, his wife was killed in freak motor vehicle accident that some are claiming was a "retribution hit" for something Furlong did during the Olympics or maybe it was just a warning for Furlong to keep his mouth shut about the serious crimes carried out in British Columbia during the regime of Premier Gordon Campbell.  However, it could have been a mistake and the real target may have been John Furlong who knows a lot of the secrets of the Gordon Campbell government.

Lenaghan has also been reported to the American authorities.

In the Editors opinion Judge John Lenaghan is a crooked judge who is menace to our community by allowing a major drug trafficker to roam free and peddle their dangerous drugs in our community  causing harm our children and fellow citizens. 

In the Editors opinion, if Mr. Carten's suspicions are correct, then Judge John Lenaghan is a likely target for murder by the British Columbia government insiders who assigned him to the Carten case and forced him to make his perverse ruling and if you, the reader, know and love John Lenaghan then you had better tell him to come clean as soon as possible because there are some people inside the British Columbia government that we think would like to see him take their secrets to his grave.

Friday, July 26, 2013

There are strange things done in the midnight sun by the men who moil for gold.

Is Canada At War?

With the appointment of former Canadian Minister of National Defence, Peter McKay, (shown in photo on left) to be the position of Minister of Justice effective July 15, 2103,  where he joins former Assistant Deputy Minister of National Defence, William F. Pentney, (shown in centre photo) who was appointed Deputy Minister of Justice on November 5, 2012, it is now a certainty that the administration of justice in Canada and the role of chief legal advisor to the national government has fallen to the hands of the military after a dismal showing by incompetent and corrupt officials with links to foreign entities. 

The governing hand of the military is also evident in the May 13, 2013, appointment the former Deputy Minister of National Defence Robert Fonberg as a special advisor to Prime Minister Harper and the fact that since November 21, 2011, the RCMP, Canada's national police force, has been under the command of a former fighter jet pilot, the keen eyed Bob Paulson, (shown in photo on right) who has a formidable reputation for spotting petty criminals at great distances during the dead dark nights of the  Canadian winter.

At the same time, the former Minister of Justice Rob Nicholson has been pulled back into military protection as Minister of Defence where he will work with Deputy Minister of Defence Richard Fadden, formerly head of Canada's top spy network that was so incompetent it allowed several judges and several other key witnesses to the Water War Crimes to be murdered by insiders and hostile foreign agents.

It is the Editors opinion that Nicholson and Fadden are actually under a form of protective custody at the Department of National Defence because they can now be more easily watched  while the case against the murderers continues to build.

However, there are others who think that the murderers will never be brought to a public trail due to the national security interests at stake and, instead, the Canadian government / Privy (secret) Council will authorize special assassination teams to carry out hits on various targets in various parts of the world, including Canada.   Readers should be alert for sudden deaths of certain prominent Canadians and other world figures who were behind the scheme to loot Canada's water resources, corrupt its courts, and launch the recent acts of war on Canada, in Calgary and Toronto, by weather warfare systems, and who may have also instigated the suspicious oil train explosion that killed 60 in Lac Megantic.  

Readers are also advised that on June 16, 2013, the, formerly civilian directed, Canadian Space Agency was put under the control of retired General "Walt from Winnipeg" Natynczk thus expanding the role of Canada's military at this critical time.  The Canadian Space Agency has access to some of the technology that can be used to detect and deflect weather warfare attacks, like those that allegedly hit Calgary and Toronto, if the technology is up and running which it obviously was not when the flooding in Calgary and Toronto took place. However, the warnings posted on this site and elsewhere by alert Canadians were probably effective in prompting those measures to be undertaken as proved by the recently extremely rare weather, that included massive tornados that never touched down in Saskatchewan and Manitoba, which caused little real harm on the ground. 

Canada's Privy Council is being advised by a lawyer who is either reckless or a lair?

Can Simon Fothergill be trusted? 

Newly obtained documents from a Freedom of Information request made of the Department of Justice prove that, in April 2013, when newly appointed Deputy Minister of Justice, William F. Pentney (shown in photo on left) asked his Assistant Deputy Minister of Justice in charge of civil litigation, Simon Fothergill, (shown in centre photo) about a letter he (Pentney) had received from Mr. Carten, Simon Fothergill responded by giving his superior officer false and misleading information about Mr. Carten's professional and mental status by telling him Mr. Carten was a "disbarred lawyer" who was a "troubled individual", the latter remark being a slur on Mr. Carten's mental health and both remarks intended o discredit Mr. Carten

Both allegations were untrue.  Mr. Carten has never been disbarred and he has no history of mental illness or psychiatric treatment.
But Fothergill had a motive to discredit Mr. Carten because Mr. Carten had blown the whistle on serious corruption at the Department of Justice where Fothergill had had a long career and it was the legal strategy developed under Mr. Fothergill's leadership that led to what appears to be two murders ,the first being that of Justice Carolyn Layden Stevenson of Canada's Federal Court of Appeal and the second being that of Department of Justice lawyer, Eric Noel, a death the government claims was a suicide.  

On Friday, June 19, 2013, Fothergill was asked to retract his defamatory remark and apologize.  No reply has been received.

On Friday June 19, 2013, the matter was reported to Prime Minister Harper and his colleagues, because ten days after his lies to his boss, Fothergill was assigned to the position of Deputy Secretary to Cabinet and Counsel and, if he would lie to his new boss, William Pentney, to cover up crimes by civil servants, he will lie to his new boss Prime Minister Harper and his cabinet colleagues to similarly cover up crimes and other wrongdoing by civil servants and judges in Canada.

Friday, November 2, 2012

Was British Columbia Deputy Attorney General Richard Fyfe Part of a Conspirqacy to Commit Murder?

Murder Conspiracy Deepens

British Columbia journalist, Alex Tsakumis, has corroborated the opinion, first expressed by the Editors of this web site, that the recent sudden resignation of Ken Boessenkool, (shown in photo on right) Chief of Staff for British Columbia Premier Christy Clark (shown in photo on left) and former top advisor to Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper, was the result of a secret agenda.

Did that agenda include the murder of Justice Carolyn Layden- Stevenson and 11 other judges in Canada? 
The Dirty Lawyers At The British Columbia Ministry of the Attorney General and the Murder of a Judge
The evidence that one or more lawyers employed by the British Columbia Deputy Ministry of Justice and Attorney General were involved in a conspiracy to commit murder is mounting, day by day.
It is patently obvious that Myles Kirvan, the Deputy Minister of Justice for Canada, was forced to take early retirement or be fired after the Prime Minister of Canada learned that Kirvan was responsible for a diabolical legal strategy that led to the murder of a senior Canadian judge, in June, 2012, and the suicide, possible murder, of a federal Department of Justice lawyer, in July, 2012Kirvan may or may not have been personally responsible but, as the top man, he had to go.

Canadian Prime Minister Harper, after he was presented with the evidence, did the right thing by getting rid of the Deputy Minister responsible even if Kirvan was not directly involved in the strategy. 

 But, British Columbia Premier Christy Clark has not fired her Deputy Minister in charge, namely, Richard Fyfe, and it is probable that she has not been fully informed of the details because the evidence leads to the conclusion that there is a cabal of murderers, thieves and criminals working inside the government of British Columbia and they would naturally lie and cheat about everything that could implicate them in theses crimes. 

Click here to read more about Myles Kirvan, murder and suicide in high government offices

Today, Britsh Columbia journalist, Alex Tsakumis reports that the documentation surrounding the recent sudden departure Ken Boessenkool, Premier Christy Clark's Chief of Staff was woefully inadequate and failed to meet the most rudimentary standards.

In his blog post of October 31, 2012, Mr. Tsakumis asserts that there is lot more to the Boessenkool departure than Premier Clark and her staff are telling us. He claims they are lying and overing up something really really big
. Could it be murder? Mr. Tsakumis, who may be compromised because he once worked for B.C. Premier Bill Vander Zalm, has attempted in the past to discredit the contents of this web site, but he now admits the Boessenkool departure looks extremely strange, a fact the Editors published here over a month ago.
Click here to go to the Boessenkool Affair Cover Up by Alex Tsakumis
Readers of the Water War Crimes newest developments blog will recall, the Editors raised the flag of suspicion about the Boessenkool departure in a post on September 28, 2012, a full month before the story by Mr. Tsakumis.

Click here for September 28, 2012 story on Boessenkool
There is something rotten in the Government of British Columbia when the Premier refuses to follow the excellent example of Prime Minister Harper and fire the Deputy Minister responsible for the strategy that led to the death of a judge and a government lawyer.
The following letter to Premier Clark makes the case against Deputy Minister Richard Fyfe and explains why the Editors believe he must be fired.
When Premier Clark took over from Pemier Gordon Campbell in May 2011, she inherited a major lawsuit where staff lawyers under Premier Gordon Campbell had been coverng up fraud, perjury, obstruction of justice and a series of supsicious deaths that are evidence of a serial murderer inside government.

Based on the record, it now appears that the government lawyers involved in that lawsuit hooked in a Federal Court of Appeal judge thereby setting her up for murder. .

The Premier has not responded to the October 22, and October 26, 2012, letters and it is believed that staff at the Premier's office have deliberately kept it from her attention.  Otherwise she would have don the right thing and fired the Deputy Minister.   

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Prime Minister Harper Removes Deputy Minister of Justice - Cover Up Continues

Myles Kirvan
Shortly after his visit with Henry Kissinger, Canadian Prime Minister, Stephen Harper has announced that Myles Kirvan (shown in photo on right) will be officially removed from his top position as Canada's Deputy Minister of Justice on November 5, 2012, a day of deep symbolic meaning for watchers of Parliaments and Parliamentarians worldwide .

Myles Kirvan was the Deputy Minister of Justice who developed defective legal strategy that led to the murder of Justice Carolyn Layden Stevenson on June 23, 2012 and to the suicide / murder of Department of Justice lawyer Eric Noel on July 16, 2012

The symbolism used by Prime Minister Harper to mark the departure of Myles Kirvan has great historical meaning in Canada.

According to the Prime Minister's web site, Deputy Minister of Justice Kirvan will be officially "retired" on November 5, 2012.

November 5, is the anniversary of the murder / execution in 2007 of Mr. Justice Robert Edwards, the former Deputry Minister of Justice / Attornery General for British Columbia who was proved in court filings, in 2007, to have used his powers of office to cheat and defeat the will of both the Canadian parliament and the legislature of British Columbia
. He was also assigned by the Canadian Government to the Carten divorce file where he caused much michief to Mr. Carten and his family as part of the Canadian Government strategy against Sun Belt Water Inc. "Destroy the claim of Sun Belt Water Inc. against Canada by destroying its lawyer". (This is how Canada's courts operate where government appointed judges abuse litigants who are standing up against government corruption.)

In the English speaking countries of the world, November 5, is known as Guy Fawkes Day, in memory of the man who sought to blow up the English Parliament buildings in 1605 as part of what has become known as the Gunpowder Plot.

Robert Edwards and Myles Kirvan can both be fairly described as modern day Guy Fawkes, because in their work they undermined the authority of the elected representatives of the people in Parliament and the legislatures just like Guy Fawkes did 400 years ago.

Canadians are justifiably asking the question of whether or not Myles Kirvan will be executed in the months to come like so many other participants in the Water War Crimes

Click here to go to Water War Crimes Web Site 

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Prime Minister Harper Holds Secret Meetings With New Brunswick Premier David Alward

How Does A Prime Minister Explain the Murder of another Canadian Judge - No.12?

Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper (shown above photo on right) paid a "rare" visit to New Brunswick, today, in order to have a "private" meeting with New Brunswick Premier David Alward (shown in above photo on left) only few short weeks after it became plainly evident that a prominent, well loved and respected New Brunswick native, Canadian FDederal Court of Appeal Justice, Carolyn Layden Stevenson, was murdered as a result of her participation in the Water War Crimes lawsuit.

In British Columbia, the Finance Minister, Mr. Kevin Falcon suddenly resigned.

We Are Sorry But We Don't Know Who Did It?

In the Editors opinion, one of the leading suspects in the murder of Justice Carolyn Layden Stevenson (shown in photo on left) is Justice Minister Rob Nicholson (shown in photo on right) and his subordinates at the Canadian Department of Justice.

It is patently obvious that the strategy devised by Department
of Justice
lawyers required the services of a judge who could be relied upon to make the extremely rare order blocking an appeal by requiring the appellants post security for costs in a sum the appellants did not have.

With her links to both the Liberal and Conservative parties of Canada, it is reasonable to conclude that Madam Justice Layden-Stevenson was carefully selected for that task and, then, eliminated so she could not identify those who instructed her.

Like a mechanic delivering a defective vehicle to a driver,  Justice Minister Nicholson and his subordinates delivered a defective legal strategy to Carolyn Layden-Stevenson.  

 At law, the mechanic would be guilty of, at least, negligent homicide and, at worst, murder. This argument by analogy directly applies to the professional conduct of Justice Minister Nicholson and his subordinates.

The tragic death of Carolyn Anne is a very heavy price for the Layden-Stevenson family to pay simply because Justice Minister Robert Douglas Nicholson and his subordinates are so incompetent and so corrupt that they resort to devious, underhanded, manipulation of the judiciary in order to cheat litigants from having their legal claim for redress properly considered in a court of law.

Whether Justice Layden-Stevenson was murdered in order to silence her or consumed by her own guilt and shame for having violated her Oath of Office, there is no doubt that the conduct of the Canadian Minister of Justice and his subordinates were contributing factors to her sudden death.

BC Finance Minister Resigns

Kevin Falcon, the present Minister of Finance for British Columbia is a long serving politician in the corrupt regime of the former Premier Mr. Gordon Campbell who is now hiding out if London, England. With Premier Gordon Campbell, Kevin Falcon was responsible for covering up one of the greatest criminal financial conspiracies in Canadian history and by so doing Kevin Falcon set the stage for the murder of Justice Carolyn Layden Stevenson.

Monday, August 20, 2012

Canada's Legal - Judicial Murder Mystery Continues

Murder Mystery in Canada's Courts Continues

The recent sudden death and suspected murder of Justice Carolyn Layden-Stevenson of Canada's Federal Court of Appeal on June 27, 2012, has caused investigators to re-think the sudden death prominent Ottawa lawyer Martin Mason on June 18, 2011.

Both sudden deaths are linked to one very strange Canadian lawsuit where 12 judges and at least 20 other witnesses have suddenly dropped dead
. Truth is stranger than fiction.
Martin Mason, representing the Canadian Judicial Council, was the only lawyer, out of six different opposing law firms, who did not participate in the crooked legal strategy that led to the sudden death of Justice Carolyn Layden Stevenson. Certainly, he would have been invited to do so. He may also have been informed of the plan to manipulate the system through the use of Justice Layden Stevenson.

The manipulation of the system was palinly evident because Justice Layden Stevenson made her ill-fated decision on Ferbruary 8, 2011, the very day that Mr. Carten and Ms. Gibbs were boarding an airplane in Vancouver, Canada, on an unannounced journey that would take them out of Canada for several months. The day fixed for the delivery of the judgment was obviously pre-arranged by the Canadian insiders who had agents monitoring Mr. Carten's and Ms. Gibbs private communications.

A few months later on June 16, 2011, Martin Mason, the only lawyer with the integrity, principles and courage to refuse to particiapte in the duplicituous legal strategy, a clear violation of hte Magna Carta willingly carried out by the remaining legal counsel acting for the Defendants, was dead, allegedly, from a sudden heart attack. How conveneint? A key witness to a illegal corrupt conspiracy to obstruct justice carried out by lawyers representing the Governments of Canada and British Columbia, two very prominent Canadian law firms, McCarthy Tetrault and Lang Michener and two Canadian law societies, Alberta and British Columbia, was dead. This is the state to which of Canada's legal judicial and political institutions have degenerated. 

Friday, August 10, 2012

Murder By Cancer How It Works and The Death of Justice Carolyn Layden-Stevenson and Others


The rapid decline and death of Madam Justice Layden Stevenson from a healthy vibrant woman to a victim of cancer, within thirty days, has raised speculation that she was murdered by cancer. 
The public is generally aware that there are several ways to kill persons by suddenly induced heart attack but the public is less aware that there is technology that can induce cancer. Experts in the field generally recognize two kinds of technology to cause cancer (1) the use of cancer causing toxins and (2) the use of equipment that emits extremely low frequency (elf) electromagnetic waves.
A notorious recent case of murder by cancer using cancer causing toxins was that of Alexander Litvinenko a former officer of the Russuan Federal Security Service FSB and KGB, who fled from court prosecution in Russia and received political asylum n the United Kingdom. On November 1, 2006, Litvinenko suddenly fell ill and was hospitalized. He died three weeks later, becoming the first confirmed victim of lethal polonium-210 induced acute radiation syndrome.

In Litvinenko's case, the Russian State had an interest in letting people - especially its agents who might defect - know they could be murdered relatively easily so it is probable that they used a method where the cause of the cancer could be readily identified and advertised to the world. In the case of Madam Justice Carolyn Layden Strevenson, the murderer(s) would want the public and others to think she died of natural causes so he or she (they) would use a method of causing cancer that is less detectable.
While the use of "elf electromagnetic wave technology" to cause cancer is less well known most readers are aware of the media reports of various scientific studies that link heavy cell phone usage to brain cancer.

The scientific literature linking elf electromagnetic waves to cancer is well documented and can be traced back to the poineering work of Wilhelm Reich in the 1940's. Reich's was considered so dangerous that the US Food and Drug Administration closed him down completely. However, there is no doubt that military scientists, in both United States and Russia, have been quietly developing elf electromagnetic wave technology as a tool for use in warfare and other military operations, including selected assassinations
Modern elf electromagnetic wave assassination technology includes small devices that can be inserted into cellphones and other electronic equipment that amplifies and distorts the usual pattern of electrical waves so as to generate high voltage elf electromagnetic waves that are beleived to cause aggressive forms of cancer just like the cancer that, according to the Administrator at the Federl Court of Appeal allegedly killed Madam Justice Carolyn Layden Stevenson within three or four weeks just like like Mr. Litvinenko.

The reader should also keep in mind that new developments in military technology are usually kept classified for as long as possible. For example, while Canadian soldiers were using night vision goggles in Cyprus in the 1970's, the Canadians were under strict orders to use their equipment only at night and to keep their equipment out of sight during daylight hours and the world did not generally become aware of this technology until the 1990's when the USA went to war against Iraq. Similarly, one can reasonably conclude that the military in most advanced countries countries have highly advanced technology capable of killing people in various ways that the general public could hardly dream of. Sooner or later, some of this technology finds its way into the hands of private sector entrepreneurs and criminals who have the agenda of murdering Canadian judges and other Canadian insiders who know too much. This explains the high number of judges and other insiders connected to the Water War Crimes who have suddenly died from fast acting or aggressive cancers and sudden heart attacks.

The use of assassination by cancer technology is not all that uncommon. Interested readers will find a wealth of material on the web that documents the existence of this technology and its alleged use. This web site has speculated that former NDP leader Jack Layton, BC Provincial Court Chief Judge, Hugh Stansfield, retired Judges John Bouck and David Vickers, retired Deputy BC Attorney General Gillian Wallace, Gail Roberts, the former long term assistant to BC Premier Gordon Campbell, and Jean Pellitier all, conveniently, died from a relatively fast acting cancer as their involvement in the criminal conspiracy to obstruct justice as part of the Water War Crimes was revealed.

Click here to read more about the sudden deaths of these and Canadians linked ot the Water War Crimes

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

British Columbia Deputy Attorney General Richard Fyfe Claims He is Innocent of Charges Against Him

Deputy Attorney General Richard Fyfe Claims He Is Innocent 

Richard Fyfe is the Deputy Attorney General for British Columbia. On this web site, we have questionned his competence and integrity. By letter dated July 26, 2012, Mr. Fyfe has denied all accusations made against him and has asked us to publish his letter on this web site.

The reader is cautionned to remember that Richard Fyfe is a lawyer who has spent over twenty years working for the most corrupt, the most secretive and the most conniving ministry of the government of British Columbia that has been proved, in many court cases, to have committed faud and other forms of obstruction of jusice after making similar public denials.

Nevertheless, we have published Mr. Fyfe's letter below both in fairness to him and our readers so that when the truth comes out, as it surely will, he can be properly judged. 

Is Richard Fyfe a liar?  We don't know, yet, but the reader should carefully note that Richard Fyfe does not deny the truth of the general allegations of corruption within and by other lawyers at the Ministry of the Attorney General for British Columbia.   

Saturday, July 21, 2012

Prime Minister Harper, Justice Minister Nicholson and the Death of Justice Layden Stevenson

Did A Poorly Conceived Legal Strategy Leads to the Murder of Justice Carolyn Layden Stevenson?

-The Editors think that the legal strategy adopted by the Canadian Department of Justice under the leadership of Justice Minister, Rob Nicholson, and supported by Prime Minister Stephen Harper led directly to the death of Justice Carolyn Layden Stevenson.

Prime Minister Harper
and his colleagues were warned that more people would die if the case were not settled when the death toll was only eight and now it is thirty two.

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Prime Minister Harper and Justice Minister Nicholson followed a path of delay and obstruction and now 32 people are dead including Justice Carolyn Layden Stevenson?

The following email letter, sent July 16, 2012 to Prime Minister Stephen Harper and his colleagues, Robert Nicholson, John Baird, Ed Fast, Peter MacKay and Wayne Wouters explains how Justice Carolyn Layden Stevenson was lured into a matirx of crime, cover up and murder by the Department of Justice officials as part of a their legal strategy of delay and obstructionism.

Text of July 16, 2012 Email to Prime Minister Harper and Colleagues


Re: Madam Justice Carolyn Ann Layden Stevenson Legal And Judicial Entrapment and then Murder
What Was the Role of Canada's Department of Justice,
Federal Court Chief Justice Lutfy, Federal Court of Appeal Chief Justice Blais and Justice Minister Nicholson?

On June 27, 2012, Madam Justice Carolyn Layden Stevenson of Canada’s Federal Court of Appeal died from unstated causes in an Ottawa Hospital.

She is survived by her parents, her husband, her children and extended family. They have lost a family member. They will miss her. However, what they do not yet know is that there is good reason to believe that she was murdered as part of a conspiracy involving legal counsel at the Canadian Department of Justice and officers within the administration of the Federal Court and Federal Court of Appeal.

In my opinion, Carolyn Layden Stevenson was the victim of a sinister form of legal and judicial entrapment executed as a
litigation tactic and culminating, ultimately, in her murder.

As the court record in Federal Court Appeal proceeding A-343-10, shows, commencing in December, 2010, Department of Justice legal counsel entered into a co-ordinated plan with other legal counsel, that, eventually, lured Judge Layden Stevenson to her death.

It was a devilish plot the Government lawyers hatched seeking an order in the Federal Court of Appeal requiring Ms. Gibbs and I
to pay into court, as security for costs, a sum of money they knew we did not have thereby preventing us from appealing the Order of Madam Justice Joanne Gauthier that had dismissed our action in the Federal Court seeking fair and equitable compensation for the harm we and our families had sustained as victims of abusive conduct by Federal officers, employees and agents.

It was a devilish plot and, naturally, like all things born of the devil, it led to a diabolical result.

In order to insure their ultimate success against Ms. Gibbs and I, your Department of Justice lawyers and their co-conspirators
required a judge at the Federal Court of Appeal who could be relied on to grant, the exceedingly rare and, arguably, unconstitutional, court order that would have the effect of preventing Ms. Gibbs and I, two victims of government abuse, from having our appeal heard, on its merits, after our claim had been dismissed by the lower court, without any hearing on the
merits, due to the cleverly contrived but perverse judgment allegedly written by Justice Joanne Gauthier.

With the generous and able assistance of Chief Justice Pierre Blais, these cunning litigators seduced Madam Justice Carolyn Layden Stevenson into doing what was wrong when she should have done what was right and, then, sixteen months later, when her corrupt decision had become notorious and she had become a liability who might expose the criminality of the cunning litigators, they arranged for her murder so she would be forever silent and their role in these crimes of state would remain a secret.

In my opinion, several employees and officers of the Government of Canada have knowledge of these events and one or more of them may have also been part of a fiendish Government inspired conspiracy to murder Justice Carolyn Layden Stevenson.

Incidentally, on October 21, 2011, Madam Justice Gauthier was rewarded for her corrupt decision against Ms. Gibbs and I
with a promotion to the Federal Court of Appeal, a promotion that was approved by Justice Minister Rob Nicholson and Prime Minister Stephen Harper, who, being well aware of the perverse judgment that Madam Justice Gauthier had rendered for the benefit of the Government and its agents, must now be viewed as complicit in these matters.

Murder is one of the most serious offences set out in the Criminal Code of Canada. It is also a grave violation of God's law - the Ten Commandments.

I strongly encourage you to direct all government lawyers and other personnel involved in these matters to make complete
and frank disclosure so that the murderers of Madam Justice Carolyn Layden Stevenson are brought to justice and punished for their crime.

Finally, you must now, in the public interest and in the interest of your own safety, the safety of your colleagues and the safety of the various judges, lawyers, legal officers and others who have
been involved in this matter make an immediate public disclosure of these issues thereby alerting all concerned to the presence of a criminal gang operating inside the government that will not hesitate to use murder to achieve its ends.

Yours very truly,

John Frederick Carten, B.A., J.D.
British Columbia, Canada

There are Now Twelve Dead Judges
Linked to this Case

During the course of the past 15 years many Canadian judges went out of their way to bend and twist the law to cause grief to Mr. Carten or Ms. Gibbs because there were believed to be helping the American company Sun Belt Water Inc.

The Editors believe that those judges were acting on direct instructions from insiders with the Governments of Canada and British Columbia.

Mr. Carten and Ms. Gibbs decided to fight back and expose the criminals on the bench and, as they published their information, those criminals, judges, started dropping dead.

Justice Carolyn Layden Stevenson the latest in a series of twelve judges who broke the law and who suffered an early death as a result.

It is always difficult to say if a particular death was from natural causes or from murder.

In every case, the judge who died was in a position to put others in jail because it was obvious that he or she was assigned to the case as part of a greater criminal conspiracy and those other conspirators had motive to murder the judge to protect themselves.

Virtually all of the judges died from sudden heart attacks or a fast acting cancer and, in each case, death seemed to ensure quickly after their crimes were exposed either online or in court documents or both.

It is possible that the stress from fear of exposure, shame and guilt induced the heart attacks or the cancers but it is also possible that the heart attacks and cancers were induced by toxic agents that are commonly used to murder people.

Mr. Carten and Ms .Gibbs did not set out to kill these people, they set out to obtain justice by pleading their case and in those pleadings they were legally required to document why the judge's actions were wrong. The killing was an unfortunate co-incidence and, whether it was from murder or stress induced disease, the fault lies with the Department of Justice in Ottawa that was taking direction from Prime Minister Stephen Harper and Justice Minister Rob Nicholson.
On July 16, 2012, the Editors of this web site placed a telephone call to the Canadian Federal Court of Appeal, in Ottawa, and questonned the court administrator about the seemingly sudden death of Justice Carolyn Layden Stevenson. The administrator advised Judge Stevenson had, allegedly, died from cancer. When the Editor pointed out that death by cancer seemed strange because Judge Stevenson had been active on the court until the end of May 2012. The administrator advised "it was a very fast acting cancer".

But as all Canadians know, their courts cannot be trusted so the questions remains open,
Was Judge Layden Stevenson Murdered?