The Water War Crimes are the the crimes carried out by political, legal, judicial and business insiders, in Canada, who attempted to swindle control of a bulk water export monopoly over the export of fresh water from Canada to the United States and Mexico, the subsequent viscious personal attack on British Columbia lawyer John Carten by the Governments of Canada and British Columbia because, as a lawyer, he was embarked on a path that would expose their crimes that included a dispicable criminal attack upon Ms. Karen Gibbs and her children because she was assisting Mr. Carten at the time.

From March 1, 2015, this blog will attempt to publish the ongoing posts on the New Developments page at the Water War Crimes web site. We attempted to do that in the past but missed a big chunk of time and hope to be able to keep it regular now that we have some extra time.

The Water War Crimes web site tells the story in great detail and we add updates because the case is unfolding.

The Canadian media will not report the story so we have used the internet to publicize the crimes by the insiders and the corruption in Canada's judicial, legal and political systems.

In the process, we have systematically destroyed many of our enemies but the governments of British Columbia and Canada continue to refuse a fair and equitable settlement and we continue our quest for redress in Canada's crooked court system and so more insiders are compromised and then murdered or mysteriously drop dead.

Twelve crooked judges involved were exposed as crooks and suddenly died. We think some of those judges were murdered. Six Chief Justices who manipulated the system against us were exposed and resigned, one was murdered and the other committed suicide.

Politicians, lawyers and civil servants who abused their positions of power were exposed, resigned or, suddenly, dropped dead. The death toll now stands at over forty and is likely to rise. The list of the sudden deaths linked to the Water War Crimes is published on the web site page entitled the Graveyard of the Guilty.

A remnant of the crooked political, judicial and legal insiders within the Governnments of Canada and British Columbia and some of Canada's most powerful law firms have effectively used their influence to manipulate Canada's judiciary to get the case thrown out without any hearing on its merits.

The insiders are desperate and periodically they lash out at Mr. Carten with illegal jailings, malicious prosecutions and other crooked legal tactics.

In February 2016, the Law Society of British Columbia commenced a vile attempt to destroy Mr. Carten again because he was helping some people who were victims of a criminal lawyer / judge gang operating in the courts.

This is a huge story that has been suppressed and mis-represented by the Canadian media and it continues to influence Canadian politics to this day.



Friday, June 25, 2010

Did CSIS Director Fadden Target Premier Campbell?

In the first week of June, 2010, Canadian Government TV newsman, Peter Mansbridge, (the man in the centre of the photo with the bald head), and British Columbia Premier, Gordon Campbell, (the man behind with his hands on his hips) were spotted attended the highly secretive Bilberberg Club meeting in Spain.   The Bilderberg Club is reputed to secretly control governments.

A few weeks later, Canada's Security and Intelligence Director, Richard Fadden, shown left, caused a sensation in Canada by accusing some of Canada's provincial politicians, like Premier Campbell, of being under the control of foreign goverments.

Premier Campbell, known for selling off public assets at discount prices to foreign controlled corporations, is widely reputed to be the target of Fadden's remarks.

Not unexpectedly, Campbell launched a blistering attack on Fadden calling him "unprofessional".

The remark was laughable, coming from Mr. Campbell, shown right, who has a reputation for womanizing, public drunkenness and using public funds to pay for his mistress who earns over $150,000 as his Deputy Chief of Staff.

Premier Campbell continues to stonewall an investigation of whether or not he has been using public money to pay an huge public salary to his mistress who accompanies him on expensive junkets to foreign destinations.

Poliitcal observers predict that Premier Campbell will be forced from office in the coming weeks as the public grows increasingly disgusted at the flagrant conduct of both him and his mistress.

Premier Gordon Campbell and his gang have been covering up the Water War Crimes for almost a full decade by using government agencies to attack and discredit whistleblower lawyer John Frederick Carten who, along with his colleague Karen Gibbs, have launched an unprecedent lawsuit against Campbell and his colleauges in Canada's Federal Court - a court the "Campbell Gang" does not control.  To date, twelve key witnesses and co-defendants in the lawsuit have dropped dead many succumbing to sudden unexpected heart attacks in circumstances that suggest murder in order to silence them.

Visit the Water War Crimes Web Site for More Information

Monday, June 14, 2010

Canada's Western Premiers Set To Re- Open Canadian National Water Export Debate

Under increasing pressure of the threat of trade retaliation from the United StatesCanada's Western Premiers are meeting in Vancouver,m June 15 & 16, 2010, to discuss "Canada US relations" and "water policy"

Premier Gordon Campbell, under orders from his Builderberg Bosses whom he met in Spain (June 5 and 6) and under pressure to resign due to a looming sex for jobs scandal, has been a key player in the cover up of The Water War Crimes and is reported to have secretly negotiated several agreements with American States to facilitate massive bulk water exports. 

Campbell supporters Peter Brown, Lyall Knott, Paul Fraser, and Patrick Kinsella were all strong supporters of W.C.W. Western Canada Water Enterprises Ltd. back in 1988 to 1991 when secret Canadian insiders sought to hi-jack Canada's water export wealth and set up an illegal monopoly in the United States to distribute Canadian fresh water.  

Alberta Premier Ed Stelmach, shown left, will play a role in the discussions because the Peace River flows from British Columbia into Alberta.  and water flows will be reduced when the diversions are put in place to ship massive amounts of fresh water to California and other states.  Former Alberta Premier Peter Lougheed  has gone on public record denouncing any plans to divert so called Canadian water to the USA although, hypocritically, he led his province into the Canada US Free Trade Agreement that guarantees Alberta the right to sell its non renewable oil and natural gas gas reserves into the United States in exchange for a guarantee that the supply will not be cut.

Premier Stelmach's position on bulk water exports remains clouded in a mixture of gas and oil.  

Yukon Premier Denis Fentie shown right is expected to be keenly interested because the Yukon Territory, along with the State of Alaska, contain the northernmost extremities of the NAWAPA, the decades old plan veloped by Parson's Engineering to deliver massive quantities of fresh water water from Alaska, the Yukon and British Columbia to California, Nevada, Arizona and Mexico.

Click here to learn more about the NAWAPA and the plans to deliver 135 billion gallons annually to the USA

Manitoba Premier Gregg Selinger will have a great interest in the British Columbia water export plans because similar plans are poised to develop in those two provinces to deliver fresh water to Texas and other states east of the continental divide.

Click here to read about Manitoba's Frontier Centre for Public Policy promotion of bulk water exports as a means to provide economic boost to a Manitoba

Premier Brad Wall of Saskatchewan is also interested in the water export plans because there are several proposals to divert massive quantities of water from northern Saskatchewan to the United States

Lake Diefenbaker the largest Lake in southern Saskatachewan with over 500 miles of shoreline was created by dam construction completed in 1967. 

Click here to read David Orchard's analysis of how water diversion will proceed through Saskatchewan to the USA

Premier Eva Aariak of Nunavut will be expected to be concerns about diminshed water flows into their territories when huge amounts of water is diverted south into the United States and Mexico

The Grand Canal project, is not expected to be officially discussed at hte meeting but the plan is of keen interest to Premier Aariak because Nunavut borders on Hudson's Bay and the Grand Canal project proposes that an arm of Hudson's Bay, namely James Bay, be sealed and turned into a fresh water lake 

Click here to read about the Grand Canal Project
Finally, Premier Floyd Roland representing the people of the Northwest Territories is expected to express concerns that river flows in the Northwest Terrritories will be diminished causing economic and environmental damage to local communities who continue to rely on water flows for their livelihood.

Nonetheless, Premier Roland, a proponent of natural resource development, will be profoundly interested in any revenues his province can manage to squeeze out of water diversions projects.

The water resources of the Northwest Territories are ripe for exploitation.

Canadians may be witnessing a watershed event in the next few days at the Western Premier's Conference in Vancouver

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Sudden, Immediate, Resignation, Of Senator Pitfield On June 1, 2010, Raises Suspicions of Wrongdoing

The sudden, unexpected, immediate, resignation of Michael Pitfield from his job as Canadian Senator on June 1, 2010 suggests that Mr. Pitfiled was engaged in some highly improper misconduct.

Michael Pitfield was the senior civil servant of Canada when Canada was governed by Prime Minister Pierre Turdeau a self admitted communist.  Mr. Trudeau craftily used Canada's National Energy Program to enrich his family at taxpayers expense.

There is some evidence to suggest that the Water War Crimes were set in motion under the regime of Mr. Trudeau which would implicate Mr. Pitfield in these matters.

What was Senator Pitfield involved in that would cause him to suddenly vacate his lucrative Senate position?