The Water War Crimes are the the crimes carried out by political, legal, judicial and business insiders, in Canada, who attempted to swindle control of a bulk water export monopoly over the export of fresh water from Canada to the United States and Mexico, the subsequent viscious personal attack on British Columbia lawyer John Carten by the Governments of Canada and British Columbia because, as a lawyer, he was embarked on a path that would expose their crimes that included a dispicable criminal attack upon Ms. Karen Gibbs and her children because she was assisting Mr. Carten at the time.

From March 1, 2015, this blog will attempt to publish the ongoing posts on the New Developments page at the Water War Crimes web site. We attempted to do that in the past but missed a big chunk of time and hope to be able to keep it regular now that we have some extra time.

The Water War Crimes web site tells the story in great detail and we add updates because the case is unfolding.

The Canadian media will not report the story so we have used the internet to publicize the crimes by the insiders and the corruption in Canada's judicial, legal and political systems.

In the process, we have systematically destroyed many of our enemies but the governments of British Columbia and Canada continue to refuse a fair and equitable settlement and we continue our quest for redress in Canada's crooked court system and so more insiders are compromised and then murdered or mysteriously drop dead.

Twelve crooked judges involved were exposed as crooks and suddenly died. We think some of those judges were murdered. Six Chief Justices who manipulated the system against us were exposed and resigned, one was murdered and the other committed suicide.

Politicians, lawyers and civil servants who abused their positions of power were exposed, resigned or, suddenly, dropped dead. The death toll now stands at over forty and is likely to rise. The list of the sudden deaths linked to the Water War Crimes is published on the web site page entitled the Graveyard of the Guilty.

A remnant of the crooked political, judicial and legal insiders within the Governnments of Canada and British Columbia and some of Canada's most powerful law firms have effectively used their influence to manipulate Canada's judiciary to get the case thrown out without any hearing on its merits.

The insiders are desperate and periodically they lash out at Mr. Carten with illegal jailings, malicious prosecutions and other crooked legal tactics.

In February 2016, the Law Society of British Columbia commenced a vile attempt to destroy Mr. Carten again because he was helping some people who were victims of a criminal lawyer / judge gang operating in the courts.

This is a huge story that has been suppressed and mis-represented by the Canadian media and it continues to influence Canadian politics to this day.



Sunday, April 5, 2015

The Law of Karma Catches Up With Retired Canadian Politician John Reynolds and Kills His Son


John Reynolds 
The law of karma caught up with former Canadian politician John Reynolds (shown in photo on left) when, on April 2, 2015, his son, Paul Reynolds, (shown in photo on right) died, at age 52, after some undisclosed  complications while he was swimming, in the water, near Hawaii.

John Reyolds was a cabinet minister in the British Columbia government back in the 1980's when that cabinet was breaking the law by assisting in a criminal conspiracy to confer a water export monopoly on W.C.W. Western Canada Water Enterprises Ltd., a company that obtained its financing with the help of
Canaccord Capital, the notorious Vancouver based financial advisory company that employed Paul Reynolds.

The Editors have no direct evidence that Paul Reynolds was part of that criminal conspiracy but it is reasonable to assume he was part of that criminal conspiracy given his position with Canaccord Capital and his family connections. The fact that he died as the result of an incident involving water suggests that his death may have been a targeted murder to symbolically demonstrate to the players in the Water War Crimes and other observers that the executioners are at work killing the players in the Water War Crimes

Paul Reynolds 
This is how the game is played out by the Illuminati and other clandestine organizations that are at work in the world.

The sudden death of Paul Reynolds is expected to be a mortal blow to John Reynolds, his father, who will suffer grief and sadness so he can experience the pain he caused others through his mischief while holding public office like the death of Michel Trudeau, also in a water accident, on Friday the 13th in November 1998 , caused grief and sadness and led to the death of his  father, Pierre Trudeau, by cancer in September 2000. 
If John Reynolds is the ultimate target, as he may be, then his other children are in grave danger.

John Baird Joins A Chinese Spy Company 

"Birds of a feather flock together"
A few short weeks after he left politics in Canada, former Canadian Foreign Affair Minister John Baird was hired by the Li Ka-shing Group to work as a consultant.

The Li Ka-shing is man whose companies are regarded by Western intelligence agencies as nothing more than a money-making front for Chinese military intelligence. 

The Li Ka-shing Group hold significant interests in Vancouver including the former Expo 86 lands that were acquired in suspicious circumstances involving the BC Government. 

Editors Note: The Editors have seen no direct evidence linking the Li Ka-shing Group to the Water War Crimes but certain players involved in the Water War Crimes are well known as consultants for the Li Ka-shing Group.   

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