The Water War Crimes are the the crimes carried out by political, legal, judicial and business insiders, in Canada, who attempted to swindle control of a bulk water export monopoly over the export of fresh water from Canada to the United States and Mexico, the subsequent viscious personal attack on British Columbia lawyer John Carten by the Governments of Canada and British Columbia because, as a lawyer, he was embarked on a path that would expose their crimes that included a dispicable criminal attack upon Ms. Karen Gibbs and her children because she was assisting Mr. Carten at the time.

From March 1, 2015, this blog will attempt to publish the ongoing posts on the New Developments page at the Water War Crimes web site. We attempted to do that in the past but missed a big chunk of time and hope to be able to keep it regular now that we have some extra time.

The Water War Crimes web site tells the story in great detail and we add updates because the case is unfolding.

The Canadian media will not report the story so we have used the internet to publicize the crimes by the insiders and the corruption in Canada's judicial, legal and political systems.

In the process, we have systematically destroyed many of our enemies but the governments of British Columbia and Canada continue to refuse a fair and equitable settlement and we continue our quest for redress in Canada's crooked court system and so more insiders are compromised and then murdered or mysteriously drop dead.

Twelve crooked judges involved were exposed as crooks and suddenly died. We think some of those judges were murdered. Six Chief Justices who manipulated the system against us were exposed and resigned, one was murdered and the other committed suicide.

Politicians, lawyers and civil servants who abused their positions of power were exposed, resigned or, suddenly, dropped dead. The death toll now stands at over forty and is likely to rise. The list of the sudden deaths linked to the Water War Crimes is published on the web site page entitled the Graveyard of the Guilty.

A remnant of the crooked political, judicial and legal insiders within the Governnments of Canada and British Columbia and some of Canada's most powerful law firms have effectively used their influence to manipulate Canada's judiciary to get the case thrown out without any hearing on its merits.

The insiders are desperate and periodically they lash out at Mr. Carten with illegal jailings, malicious prosecutions and other crooked legal tactics.

In February 2016, the Law Society of British Columbia commenced a vile attempt to destroy Mr. Carten again because he was helping some people who were victims of a criminal lawyer / judge gang operating in the courts.

This is a huge story that has been suppressed and mis-represented by the Canadian media and it continues to influence Canadian politics to this day.



Monday, August 22, 2016

A Grumpy Queen Elizabeth Sends Grandson To Conduct Inspection of Criminals Operating Her Colony Of British Columbia

Grumpy Queen Elizabeth

The story of recent judicial corruption in British Columbia has, by now, made its way back to London and to the attention of Queen Elizabeth and she has decided to send her Grandson William on an extended tour of her colony on the wet coast of Canada .

Prince William will be visiting Victoria, Vancouver, Kelowna, Bella Bella and Haida Gwaii.

Both Supreme Court Chief Justice, Chistopher Hinkson, and Court of Appeal Chief Justice, Robert Bauman, will be in the "hot seat" when they bow and scrape before the King-to-Be.

All judges take and Oath of Allegiance to Queen Elizabeth and, when they do, they

swear to assist her to administer justice and specifically not to delay or deny justice to anyone which is something both Chief Justices have been actively doing as they rig cases involving Mr. Carten, Ms. Gibbs and Mr English and his family.

Under English common law, the penalty for breach of the Oath of Allegiance by a judge was death and so we may soon see a couple of judicial executions.

In the 14 or 15th century the English King executed four judges, exiled three others and put one in the Tower of London when they did acts similar to what Christopher Hinkson and Robert Bauman and their henchmen and henchwomen on the bench are doing in British Columbia.

Premier Christy Clark and her cabinet colleagues may have some explaining to do if they continue to resist settlement offers from Jack English and his family because she and her cabinet colleagues would be in the position of criminals in possession to stolen property namely the valuable resort property that once belonged to the English family and that was looted by British Columbia Investment Management Corporation that manages all civil servant and politician pension plans in British Columbia.

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We are not saying the Premier and her cabinet colleagues were instructing the criminalized BCIMC to loot the property but we are accusing them of being a little slow in restoring justice to a family that was targeted and harmed by out of control gangsters in the Government administration of the British colony on the wet coast of Canada and Jack English met the Premier and a bunch of her cabinet colleagues a few years back and, to their credit, they did look into things and fired a whole load of crooked people but for unexplained reasons they have been unable to deal with adequate compensation and restoration 

The visit of William Prince follows on a Royal visit by his uncle Prince Edward in September 2014

Click here to More read about Prince Edward's visit in 2014 


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