The Water War Crimes are the the crimes carried out by political, legal, judicial and business insiders, in Canada, who attempted to swindle control of a bulk water export monopoly over the export of fresh water from Canada to the United States and Mexico, the subsequent viscious personal attack on British Columbia lawyer John Carten by the Governments of Canada and British Columbia because, as a lawyer, he was embarked on a path that would expose their crimes that included a dispicable criminal attack upon Ms. Karen Gibbs and her children because she was assisting Mr. Carten at the time.

From March 1, 2015, this blog will attempt to publish the ongoing posts on the New Developments page at the Water War Crimes web site. We attempted to do that in the past but missed a big chunk of time and hope to be able to keep it regular now that we have some extra time.

The Water War Crimes web site tells the story in great detail and we add updates because the case is unfolding.

The Canadian media will not report the story so we have used the internet to publicize the crimes by the insiders and the corruption in Canada's judicial, legal and political systems.

In the process, we have systematically destroyed many of our enemies but the governments of British Columbia and Canada continue to refuse a fair and equitable settlement and we continue our quest for redress in Canada's crooked court system and so more insiders are compromised and then murdered or mysteriously drop dead.

Twelve crooked judges involved were exposed as crooks and suddenly died. We think some of those judges were murdered. Six Chief Justices who manipulated the system against us were exposed and resigned, one was murdered and the other committed suicide.

Politicians, lawyers and civil servants who abused their positions of power were exposed, resigned or, suddenly, dropped dead. The death toll now stands at over forty and is likely to rise. The list of the sudden deaths linked to the Water War Crimes is published on the web site page entitled the Graveyard of the Guilty.

A remnant of the crooked political, judicial and legal insiders within the Governnments of Canada and British Columbia and some of Canada's most powerful law firms have effectively used their influence to manipulate Canada's judiciary to get the case thrown out without any hearing on its merits.

The insiders are desperate and periodically they lash out at Mr. Carten with illegal jailings, malicious prosecutions and other crooked legal tactics.

In February 2016, the Law Society of British Columbia commenced a vile attempt to destroy Mr. Carten again because he was helping some people who were victims of a criminal lawyer / judge gang operating in the courts.

This is a huge story that has been suppressed and mis-represented by the Canadian media and it continues to influence Canadian politics to this day.



Thursday, September 15, 2016

Law Society of British Columbia and Attorney General of British Columbia Hire Victoria Area All Gal Law Gang With Links to Criminal Mafia Involved in Satanic Sacrifice and child abuse.

All Gal Law Gang

The criminal gang running the Law Society of British Columbia have hired the Victoria area All Gal Law Gang of Lovett Westmacott who are widely regarded as closely connected to the criminal mob that operates  inside the  Ministry of Justice in British Columbia that is deeply connected to many of the missing children and Satanic practices that take place in British Columbia especially in Victoria an area well known for Satanism, witchcraft, ritual murder, child porn, and cocaine trafficking supplying many senior civil servants who use cocaine to numb their guilt and shame over the bribes they are taking.

The criminal gang currently running the Law Society has, over the past 20 years, been caught working closely with the criminal mob operating inside the Ministry of the Attorney General as they have co-ordinated their attacks on Mr. Carten and his family and it is this criminal mob that is believed to be behind the recent corruption at the British Columbia Court of Appeal where three female judges, Elizabeth Bennett, Mary Saunders and Nicole Garson, wrote a fraudulent judgment in order assist the Government of British Columbia complete its criminal conspiracy against the English family by arson just like that shown in the centre photo where the English family home was burned by agents of the Government.

The lead lawyer at Lovett and Westmacott is Angela Westmacott.  

According to her online biography Angela worked inside the corrupt British Columbia Ministry of the Attorney General from 1989 to 1997 in exactly the same period when that Ministry was committing high crimes, violating international treaties and carrying out fraud perjury and obstruction in the courts all connected to the Water War Crimes and related litigation.  

Her partner Debra Lovett is even more implicated in government corruption because according to her online biography she was with the same crooked Ministry of the Attorney General from 1981 to 1997.

Since leaving their jobs at the Ministry of the Attorney General Angela and Debra have received a lot of money  from that corrupt Ministry.  According to the British Columbia Public Accounts posted online payments to Lovett & Westmacott and to Lovett Law Corp (1997 to 2000) were as follows:1997/1998                                  $111,016
1998/1999                                  $221,095
1999/2000                                  $101,172
2000/2001                                  $114,215
2001/2002                                  $274,247
2002/2003                                 $247,114
2003/2004                                  $336,985
2004/2005                                  $237,555     
2005/2006                                  $210,064
2006/2007                                  $129,255
2007/2008                                  $224,907
2008/2009                                  $102,349
2009/2010                                  $176,940
2010/2011                                  $206,198
2011/2012                                  $213,911    
 2012/2013                                  $287,281  
2013/2014                                  $137,464
2014/2015                                 $163,174                                    

By way of comparison to other law firms these three women are rewarded very well because the Public Accounts for 2014 /2015 show the following payments to other law firms.

Lawson Lundell  130 lawyers                    $398,495
Hunter Litigation Chambers 22 lawyers    $201,976
Cook Roberts 16 lawyers                          $109,674
Clark Wilson 80 lawyers                            $      0
McCarthy Tetrault  560 lawyers              $2,698,461
Bordon Ladner Gervais 750 lawyers        $2,440,172

At the present time, we don't have any information about whether or not Angela or any of her partners are involved in the ritual murder, Satanism or any of the other crimes prevalent in the Victoria area but the record of payments clearly establishes that the ladies have an exceedingly deep financial relationship with the Ministry of the Attorney General.    
Our research into this law firm is continuing.

In addition, we do know that they were both members of a criminal group of lawyers inside the crooked Ministry of the Attorney General when the Water War Crimes were set in motion and partly carried out and given their history they may have been involved in carrying out some of the murders of various insiders who suddenly dropped dead. It is no co-incidence that this particular  group of lawyers were selected by the criminals  the Law Society and the Ministry of the Attorney General to attack Mr. Carten.  

Angela is also shown in the centre of the photo on the left with her All Gal Law Gang partners, Debra Lovett and Nitya Iyer  

Anyone with information about corrupt practices by Angela Westmacott or any of her law partners is asked to contact the Editors at:

The Law Society and the Attorney General are increasingly afraid that the British Columbia public are  becoming more fully aware of the lawyer corruption that is widely reported on this web site and other web sites set up by Mr. Carten to assist victims of criminal activities by Law Society and Attorney General lawyers. 

Karma and the Hand of God  

The Hand of God
Ottawa area lawyers, Eric Noel and Martin Mason, were lured into the corrupt Law Society and Government of British Columbia attack on Mr. Carten and his family and, suddenly, when things got hot they were murdered.

Similarly Ottawa area judge Carolyn Layden Stevenson was also murdered.Is a similar fate awaiting Angela Westmacott and her partners?

Mason was murdered by sudden heart attack.

Click here to learn more about the murder of Martin Mason

Noel was murdered by a drug overdose made to look like suicide.

Click here to read more about the murder of Eric Noel and Carolyn Layden Stevenson  

Layden-Stevenson was murdered by a form of weaponized cancer

The list of lawyers and judges in British Columbia who suddenly died is far greater and while Angela and her partners may be deeply connected to the criminals operating inside the Law Society and British Columbia Government those criminals are well known to kill their own when they deem it necessary.

Of course, the Editors admit that there is the possibility that the hand of God is at work snatching the guilty from life when they carry out crimes against innocent people and that these people were not murdered but victims of their own bad karma.

And if the Hand of God at work here then we know that the devil awaits the wicked.  

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